Harvest Returns

Harvest Returns

Why diversifying into agriculture is great

You know that your portfolio should be diversified in order to protect yourself from market volatility but I bet you have not considered agriculture. As the earth’s population continues to grow and the amount of arable land decreases income producing farm, timber, and ranch land values will increase substantially. Agriculture is might not be as attractive as Tesla stock but agriculture as an asset class has been a solid investment for decades.

Where to find deals

You might be wondering how to go about investing in farmland, well fortunately there is a company called Harvest Returns. This platform makes it easy to invest in agriculture. Harvest Returns has a myriad of different opportunities.

If you read my post about diversification then you know how important it is in order to protect your wealth from a downturn in the market. One way to hedge against risk is agriculture, which offers diversity within itself. There are various different options from livestock to row crops, indoor hydroponic opportunities even hemp and timber crops. Not only do these present different sectors to invest in, they can be located in many different geographic locations which is a form of diversification itself.

A couple reasons I really like investing in these opportunities is that they are passive and are a great way to hedge against inflation. Additionally they allow each investor the ability to tailor their investment to their own risk vs reward requirement.


I have also seen some very attractive rates if return in the agriculture sector. Some of the higher returning investments are overseas or in very niche sectors like hydroponics and hemp farming. I have personally invested into some of the livestock options which have a great track record and pay a handsome quarterly dividend.

The downside

Because these investments are generally long term these are something I would not consider as a very liquid investment. That being said however these investments can at times have shorter terms but still provide a nice return. The longer term investments tend to be on tree farms or crops such as almonds. But if you are willing to wait the longer time periods I believe all of these types of investments will appreciate nicely.

The bottom line

If you are looking to further diversify into an asset class that is not as liquid as some other assets and time is not a major issue for you you might consider looking into Harvest Returns. Many opportunities are open to non-accredited investors and some offering start as low as $5,000.