A Look Into Worthy Bonds

You can get started investing with only $10.00

If you are new to investing you might be wondering what exactly you can invest in for only $10, and is investing $10 going to even make me any money. Like all investments the more you invest the more you stand to earn. This particular method requires $10 and about 20 minutes of your time. Just to be clear I am not charging any money the initial capital is 100% your investment and did I mention this is a liquid investment? That means you can pull your money out at any time without fees or penalties. Sounds too good to be true, but I have been investing with Worthy for a few months and it is legitimate.

If you have never heard of Worthy Bonds, they are an investment platform which gathers money (micro investments) from investors and loans the funds to U.S. based small businesses. If you like the idea of supporting small businesses in America you will be happy to know all the loans made go directly to help out our communities.

Worthy straddles the line between Fin Tech and Reg Tech, they offer digital savings through an alternative investment platform. Sally Outlaw the CEO of Worthy Peer Capital, Inc was the driving force behind navigating the new Regulation A+ securities framework. This has opened the door for an investor with any amount of money to have access to investment opportunities that were previously only available to wealthy investors.

About Worthy Bonds

You might be wondering if these are even legitimate well, they are legitimate. These Bonds are regulated and qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). There are different types of bonds but for simplicity let’s say there are public and private bonds. Worthy bonds are private, which means they are not usually sold by a broker (although they could be).

There are some advantages to selling private bonds. This allows Worthy to sell bonds at a very small face value. As you already know $10 is all it takes to get started saving and investing with Worthy. Another advantage is that because these bonds do not go through a broker, there are no fees. Yes! You read that correctly there are no fees to invest with Worthy. That means that 100% of your investment goes into your account.

Perhaps you are familiar with some of the other peer lending platforms and are asking how safe these bonds are. Worthy bonds are backed by a business’s inventory and are funded based on about a 2/3 value of that inventory. This provides a little bit of leeway in the event that a business has an issue. I have also heard that Worthy does conduct periodic inspections to ensure inventory is maintained.

5% Return

So you might be wondering what kind of return you can earn. With Worthy you can earn an interest rate of 5%. This like all investments comes with some risk. Generally the higher the risk level the higher the reward. One thing I like about Worthy is that the low cost of entry allows young or new investors the opportunity to earn a nice return on a relatively small amount. Although extremely safe, banks currently pay a much lower rate of return and even a small savings account with $100 would not earn as much in a year as $30 invested in Worthy Bonds. Let that sink in for a moment. If you have $100 sitting in a savings account at your local bank and your friend has just $30 (three bonds) invested with Worthy Capital he will actually earn more interest in a year than you would.

Worthy Bonds compounds interest daily which means by day two, you earn interest on your interest. (You know this is called compound interest) Recently Worthy Capital has made a few changes to the way interest is used. Previously the interest would build up and once an investor had accumulated $10 of interest a new Worthy Bond would be issued. Now the interest remains in your account shown as interest, continuing to earn interest but it is not invested into a new bond. This was done to allow more investors the opportunity to buy bonds.

Fees Fees and More Fees

One of my favorite features of Worthy Bonds is that there are no fees. There is no fee for managing your account, or using the platform. There are also no fees for an early withdrawal of funds. The bond terms are 36 months but can be withdrawn at any time, penalty free.

Best For

I view my worthy bonds investment sort of similar to a high interest savings account, but this is not FDIC insured and there are risks involved. The money can be withdrawn and although not immediate, funds are usually returned to your account in a few business days. This is a great way to save up money for an emergency since there are no cards linked to the funds and they cannot be spent. I like to build up my worthy account through automatic investing and roundups and eventually when I have accumulated a substantial amount I may withdraw my funds for a real estate project.

Investment Limits

Sally Outlaw, the CEO of Worthy Bonds did a lot of work creating opportunities for everyone to be able to start investing. You might not know that the SEC decided for many people what they can and cannot invest in. I don’t know about you but I do not like the government controlling what I can and cannot invest in with my money. This is a philosophy that many people share, and Worthy is making strides to open up these types of investments to you and I.

Worthy Bond investments are available to both accredited and non-accredited investors. If you do not know the difference between accredited and non-accredited investors more information can be found here.

Many of the higher return investments available are only available to accredited investors. This seems unfair to me and I believe that an educated investor is capable of determining their own risk tolerance and making their own decisions on where and how to invest their money.

App and Mobile Support

Worthy has an app available for both iOS and Android. The app is fairly straight forward and can be used to purchase bonds or check your interest accrual. I think the app is a great idea but found that it is easier to access through a web browser especially on a tablet.

Here is how roundups work:

As you keep spending, the app rounds off your purchases to the nearest whole dollar. The difference between the price of your item and the actual purchase amount is sent to Worthy, once $10 has accumulated a new bond is purchased and issued.

The app is a great way to invest effortlessly, personally I like to make a conscious decision about my investments but this might be a great way for some people to ensure they are contributing small amounts they might not even notice are gone from their account.

Here is a practical example of how it works.

Connect a monitoring account (credit card, or debit card) when you purchase a bag of chips for $1.25. Worthy Bonds will track the change ($0.75). Suppose that you pay for dry cleaning another day for $12.70. The Worthy Bonds app will again collect the change, which is ($0.30). Worthy will keep collecting change until it reaches $10. The amount is not taken from the card however, the amount of $10 comes out of your linked bank account though.

Referral Program

Of course there is a referral program, unless you happen to live in Nebraska. If you sign up with my referral code and meet the requirements outlined in the fine print (always subject to change but a $100 investment must be made for the free bond) we will both get a free $10 Worthy bond. Accounts must remain in good standings for 90 days for us to keep our free bonds. If you sign up without a referral link you will not be eligible for the free bond no matter how much you invest. There are a limited number of free bonds available so sign up today. (By using my referral code I earn a free bond, this is my only compensation for writing this review, I am not compensated by Worthy Capital in any other way, shape, or form.)


The Worthy website keeps your data safe through robust information security protocols. Your transactions are safeguarded with a 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the industry standard for online security.

Sign up

Sign up online for a Worthy account by clicking here. Select the “Get Started” icon. Enter your email, set your password, and agree to the stated terms. Remember there is a limited number of free bonds, so sign up today.

You will have to provide more personal information on the next page, including your bank account number. Verification can take around 2 to 3 business days. Once your account is verified, you can use the Worthy Bonds app.

Customer Support

Worthy Bonds offers great customer support via live chat, phone, email, and social media. For live support, click the live chat icon on the support page, although this is not 24/7 support they have been very responsive and I have always received an answer quickly. You can dial these numbers for phone support:



You may also send them an email: support@worthybonds.com

The physical address is:

Worthy Finacial, Inc

551 NW 77th Street Suite 212

Boca Raton, FL 33487

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to invest with a very small amount of money look into Worthy Bonds, prices start at just $10 and earn a respectable 5% interest rate. Along with the low cost of entry your funds are very liquid. You can withdraw your funds at any time without any fees or penalties. (Amounts of 50K or more may take 30 days)

Always remember Worthy Bond investments do carry risks just like other investments, therefore, it’s smart to talk to a financial advisor before making any investment.

Worthy Bonds Video

How does Worthy work? Watch to find out how Worthy helps you save and grow your money while supporting growing businesses via a peer to peer model. Don’t wait, start earning with Worthy today! #EarnWithWorthy