Hydroponic Farm Investment

Have you considered adding a hydroponic farm investment to your portfolio?

Hydroponic farming could be a great way to diversify your portfolio.  This type of farming involves growing plants without the use of soil, and feeding nutrients to the plant directly at the roots. This is done with a mineral rich mixture added to the water.

One of my favorite agriculture investment platforms, Harvest Returns has just opened a unique opportunity to invest into a hydroponic farm located in Alabama.

Advantages to hydroponics

Hydroponic farming has several advantages over traditional farming. By providing an indoor growing environment crops can be closely monitored and conditions can be controlled. Indoor hydroponic farming allows crops to grow 30-50% faster and with 90% less water which allows for more crop cycles during the year. This is one reason adding hydroponic farming to your portfolio could bring bigger returns. This lucrative method of farming may yield more crops and profits for you.

Another advantage is that crops can be grown vertically allowing up to nine times the amount of crops grown in the same area then traditional methods. Vertical crops are also easier to attend and harvest which can have a positive impact on labor costs.

Demand for organics

The movement towards organically grown food has grown as consumer demand for healthier options increase and there is less desire for foods that may have been treated with pesticides. This demand is driven by the ever increasing costs of healthcare and people’s desire for healthy living as well as concerns about the earth and climate. Some studies have noted that more than half of consumers today purchase organic products occasionally. As consumer demand grows we will see more and more grocers stock organic items to meet those demands.

One of the best things about organically grown food is the taste and the freshness. Yellow Hammer Farms plans to maintain freshness by providing products to the local market. This particular location is located in Alabama west of HWY 65 in an areas designated by the USDA as a food desert. This means local stores and restaurants will have access to the products grown in this facility. This produce will be delivered within an hour drive of the location ensuring freshness as this allows food to be harvested and delivered at their peak ripeness.


There are risks associated with all investments but they are minimized in this type of investment. The grower will have liability and comprehensive insurance coverage. Additionally indoor growing provides a level of protection against frost, pests, and drought. Since there are a planned 11 growing cycles a year the grower would be able to make any needed changes in crops depending on consumer demand. This level of flexibility is unprecedented in agriculture.

The deal

If you think you might be interested more information can be found at Harvest Returns you can sign up to learn more with no obligation. 

Bottom line

Hydroponic farming could be a great way to diversify your portfolio, with higher profits and lower risks.