Still The Best Bitcoin and Crypto Interest Account: MyConstant

The Best Bitcoin and Crypto Interest Account

Before we get into this month’s review I want to remind you that MyConstant remains the best Bitcoin and crypto interest account I have discovered so far. This is the March 2021 update on the MyConstant progress.  If you are looking for past updates you can find them here for Dec, Jan, Feb.  

I have been a little hesitant to commit funds to any of the 30, 90, or 180 day loans since I am still in the moving process. We have not had much luck finding a home that meets our requirements yet. We had a few prospects but for one reason or another they have all fallen through. Some were due to the owners raising the rent (beyond our budget) and other changing their mind about either renting or renting the homes unfurnished.

The Flex Account is a Winner

So, I have kept the majority of my funds in my flex account which is still earning a pretty decent 4% APR. The 4% is not bad considering that a traditional savings account gives less than a percent. I do have a small point of contention that I will get into later in this article.

The Elusive Secondary Market

I have been trying like crazy to snag some of the secondary market orders which provide excellent rates, sometimes up to 137% but only for a few days which is great if you are looking for liquidity. The bad part is that since it it only for a few days you will only earn the return for a short time. There is no change in the risk level on these secondary market orders which is also great. One problem I have noticed is that the investor pool seems to have grown substantially. That just means that there are more and more people competing for these loans that your odds of snagging one of these sweet deals is reduced.

Screenshot from MyConstant App
Here are some of the secondary market orders I have been lucky enough to have won.

Sign Up to Be In the Know

If you have not been a member on Myconstant I would encourage you to sign up ASAP. There is a deal going on right now where MyConstant is giving 10% APR return on newly deposited funds for 6 months. This rate is pretty awesome and I have not found anything this high with this low of a risk anywhere. They just extended this deal for two more weeks which is giving me a chance to get a few dollars into one of these deals.

Just to recap on how it works, you deposit funds into your account. You can do this by Zelle, ACH, or a wire transfer. I prefer the ACH option since there is no fee and allows you to transfer larger amounts than Zelle. Now here comes my point of contention. I have had issues with the ACH system. The problems I have had go both ways. I have been getting an error sending money into MyConstant and sending it back to my account.

Issues and Delays

I am not sure why I am having issues but I have been getting an error saying that I do not have enough money in my account. This is not true at all. I contacted the customer support at MyConstant and they did inform me that Plaid (the ACH processor) will give an error if you try to take out more than half of your balance.

There is also a delay sending money back to my account. This really goes against my liquidity requirement. The idea that I was using my flex account as a pseudo emergency fund is not playing well as the idea I have is that I will still be able to access my funds in a timely manner. MyConstant recognizes this issue and is compensating me with a rate of 4% APY for each day that the funds are delayed. This is pretty nice but honestly I would rather see the funds in my account. Apparently there was a front end issue on the site and the 12% was only for the withdrawing of stable coins. 

A 4% (not 12%) return while waiting for my funds.


I Love That Bitcoin Interest

I always like to finish things off on a positive note and I have some great news to share with you. This is actual proof that MyConstant is the best Bitcoin and crypto interest account I have ever found. I have been manually tracking my interest earnings on my crytpo deposit. I stopped buying and adding crytpo to MyConstant back in August of 2020. I had 0.07502260 Satoshi on 09 August, 2020 and as of today (17 March, 2021) I have 0.07845710 Satoshi giving me .00659450 Satoshi in interest. Now today’s high price of Bitcoin is helping me out but that equates to $362 in interest earned.

I believe that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise (to the moon baby!) so, I anticipate that interest earned to not only continue to compound but I also believe it will continue to go up in value. This is not an article about when to buy Bitcoin, or how high I think it will go. I just know that at whatever price I buy Bitcoin at I can always park my crypto in MyConstant because it remains the best Bitcoin and crypto interest account I know of. I know I will be earning 8% on my Bitcoin and that will be compounded every second. I still see a Satoshi earned every 51 seconds.

When I break it down I get .00000070 an hour or .00001680 per day. At today’s rate that’s about $0.04 an hour or $0.93 a day. That’s not too bad if you ask me. If we continue to see the value of Bitcoin rise I think I can expect that amount to grow nicely this year.


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